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Name: Indeed TDA7498E
Channels: 2 - stereo amp
Output: 160 Watts/channel at 4Ω, 100 Watts/channel at 8Ω
Power in: DC 12-36V <4A (power adapter can be purchased with amp)
Input connections: 3.5mm jack / RCA
Speaker connections:bannana plug
Class: D
Width: 140mm/5.5"
Height: 40mm/1.57"
Depth: 144mm/5.67"
Weight: 0.56Kg/1.23 lbs
Manufacturer: Indeed Hi Fi Labs


Very powerful, good sounding amp. Solid build, has been taken on tour without trouble. Simple design, just a on/standby button and volume.

Amp gets very hot.

Does not come with power supply, but the two can be purchased together. However, the bundled adapter does not come with a power cable - it needs one like this, although it can take an AC range from 90-265V, so will work in the US, Europe, China, Australia, etc. with the right cable.

When plugging in the adapter, be sure the power cable (from the outlet) is unplugged or your power strip is off, otherwise the connection on the amp will spark.

Beware when using amp with low wattage or ohm exciters - the 4Ω DAEX32Q, for example, is easy to fry if you turn the volume past 1/3. (This can get very expensive!)

Matching Equipment

Clark Synthesis TST239

DAEX32Q - 8Ω -can sound very good if volume is kept below 1/2 or so - but be careful!





$94.99 for the amp by itself. $134.99 with power adapter (you will still need a power cable - bundled adapter accepts 90-264V).


Only sold through ebay. (If supply has sold out, do an ebay search.) You can also search ebay for the different color faceplates.
Amp only
Amp with power adapter