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Name: LP-2020a+
Channels: 2 - stereo amp
Output: 2 x 20 watts RMS, 4 -8 Ohms
Power in: 12VDC - power supply(12V, 2A)
Input connections: RCA, stereo mini plug (3.5mm)
Speaker connections: spring clips
Class: T
Width: 1.65"
Height: 1.65"
Depth: 4.72"
Weight: 1 lbs
Manufacturer: Lepai - owned by Parts Express
Links: manual pdf


Decent sound, very light weight, inexpensive. With given power supply, amp begins to distort at higher volumes, will turn off after cranking the volume @ 3/4 of the way. (The mods linked below are supposed to fix this.) Actual power output not as listed, but mod may help this as well.

Spring loaded clips only for speaker connections are not as stable as posts or banana plug connectors, and can wear out over time with constant connecting/reconnecting. Can pop out, but are easily fixed.

1-year warranty.

Matching Equipment

Pairs well with most low powered exciters.

COM-10975.jpg COM-10975 Surface Transducer

BCT-2.jpgDayton BCT-2 "Bone Conducting Transducer"


This link discusses modifications to the amp, including changing the power supply and the capacitors.

DIY Audio has a thread dedicated to modding this amp.


Comparable to the Dayton-DTA-1 in terms of size, power, weight, and sound. Has RCA inputs, which the DTA-1 lacks, but does not have the DTA-1's ability to run on batteries.




Parts Express - it is manufactured by them
Amazon ($1 more)