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Name: Pyle PCA3 Mini Stereo Power Amplifier
Channels: 2 - stereo amp
Output: 75 Watts/channel at 4Ω
Power in: switchable: 110V/60Hz (American/Canadian) and 230V/50Hz (European)
Input connections: RCA
Speaker connections: spring clips
Class: D
Width: 7.48"
Height: 2.87"
Depth: 5.39"
Weight: 5.04lbs
Manufacturer: Pyle Audio
Links: manual pdf


Fairly solid build with metal housing. Decent sound. LED meters are helpful when trying to run down sound/connection problems. Output (75W) makes it versatile for use with exciters of several different powers (20W - 50W).

Spring loaded clips only for speaker connections are not as stable as posts or banana plug connectors, and can wear out over time with constant connecting/reconnecting. Weight (5lbs) is fine for longer term set-ups, but can be problematic for touring or traveling.

Matching Equipment

Pairs well with most 32mm exciters, sounded particularly good paired with the Dayton Audio DAEX32Q-8.

Has been used with the Clark Synthesis TST239 "Bass Shaker" (100W @4Ω). Works fine for low-volume for short periods, but not recommended for extended use, as it will put a strain on the amp.






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