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Clark Synthesis TST239 "Silver" Tactile Transducer


Audible Frequency Range: 35Hz to 17kHz
Tactile Frequency Range: 15Hz to 800Hz
Impedance: 4 Ohms
Power Handling: 100W
Diameter: 8"
Height: 2.25" + additional height depending on mounting
Weight: 5.5 lbs

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Very heavy transducer. Various ways of mounting - designed to be screwed into a theater seat to provide a tactile sound experience. While is capable of shaking, used at lower power can can have a good, clear sound.

Out of the box, the transducer can buzz a bit. However, sliding a small bit of foam between the shell and the inner foam in one of the holes on the top of the transducer fixed this.

Part of a series of similar transducers of varying prices, from the TS209, TS39 (Gold), and TS249 (Platinum)

Matching Equipment

Can be used with any appropriately power amp, but the SPA250 is often recommended. For lower volume situations the Pyle PCA3 in single-channel use has proved satisfactory, though not recommended for long durations as the amp is underpowered.


Forms part of Matthew Goodheart's piano kit set up, in which it is paired with a COM-10975. For this configuration, the round mounting plate is used so that the transducer can stand alone on the piano soundboard. This set up contains a variable in-patch crossover, which splits the frequency between the two transducers at @ 300Hz.


For the piano kit, a thin silicone covering can be attached to the mounting plate in order to protect the piano soundboard from scratches.


Compared to the Aura AST-2B-4 Bass Shaker, sound may be clearer and more powerful. However, it is significantly heavier and requires twice as much power.

The Clark Synthesis TS209 has approximately the same specs, and runs about $60 cheaper. A sound/shake comparison test has not been made.




Info from Clark Synthesis
Parts Express


Piano Oscillation 1 (sound installation)

for piano and cello(s) (composition)