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Welcome to the Reembodied Sound Wiki.

This wiki is dedicated to composers, sound artists, and sound researchers who use sound exciters in their work. The purpose of the wiki is to share information on the evolving technology, practical information on usage, and works that use these technologies.

The wiki is readable by everyone, but if you would like to become a contributing member to edit pages and share information, go to the Request Account contact page. Be sure to include your name an email, and add a username in the message body if you would like. All requests will be reviewed by the Administrator, and within a few days you will receive an email with a temporary login password.

The Reembodied Sound Wiki would like to acknowledge the support from both the Center for New Music and Audio Technologies (CNMAT) at UC Berkeley and the Center for Computer Music at Columbia University, as well as the encouragement and support of Adrian Freed and the late David Wessel.

*Symposium 2017*

On April 7-8' of 2017, the Computer Music Center at Columbia University hosted Reembodied Sound: A Symposium and Festival of Transducer-based Music and Sonic Art. The event featured papers, presentations, panel discussions, a practical workshop, and public events: a Gallery-style opening of sound art works and a performance on April 8th featuring the work of Alexis Emilanoff and a puppet show by Juan Martín López, Juanita Fernández. Special guests included Adrian Freed (former research director ofCNMAT, Jeff Snyder (Associate Research Scholar of Electronic Music at Princeton University) and Emily Dolan (Associate Professor of Music, Historical Musicology at Harvard).

*New York Transduction Festival 2017*

Simultaneous with the symposium was theNew York Transduction Festival at Spectrum in lower Manhattan, an evening of 16 performers and composer featuring transducer based works.